A Novel About A Sexless Marriage.

SEETHINGS by Michael Forman

‘Until death do us part…’

So, you have a sexless and what seems to be a loveless marriage where the two of you are more like good friends than lovers?

Mitchell and Samantha Felding’s relationship is not unlike this. When they dated, celibacy proved their love was strong but it’s going to take more than deep commitment to warm their icy marriage. Meanwhile a vile creature is silently creeping around at night, hunting innocent victims in a storm enraged city. Mitchell’s a photographer. He may have witnessed something while shooting lightning. The evidence washes away but not the guilt… and never the underlying seething.

SEETHINGS is twisted. The truth stings. The sex bites. A killer will be named. A search ensues. Will Kurdaitcha be caught before another victim’s naked flesh is found glistening in the morning light?

Hi. I’m Michael Forman, author of SEETHINGS. Thanks for staying on,  I’m so excited to have you. I’ve had a great time bringing SEETHINGS out of the shadows and I know you’ll enjoy reading it. It has an ending that is to die for!

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Who will he tell?

SEETHINGS is now available in Paperback and Kindle versions.

The paperback is available here.

Kindle version is available here.

If you don’t have a Kindle reader, don’t worry, Kindle will provide you with a free app for your phone or tablet so you can start reading right away. It’s available on the same page.

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